The Blue Giraffe

Tonight we went to The Blue Giraffe restaurant located in Periwinkle Place.  We loved the unique Giraffe decor and spacious seating areas.  We started off with the drink of the day, the Periwinkle Pineapple.  Made from Pineapple vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and whipped cream mixed in.  Very refreshing and delicious!  For our meals we ordered the Crab Cakes with curry sauce and roasted garlic potatoes.  Also, the Coconut Shrimp with mashed potatoes.  YUM!  The crab cakes were the best I have ever had.  2 very generous sized cakes on top of a spicy cabbage slaw.  The garlic roasted potatoes were awesome and the accompanying fresh vegetables were very tasty.  The Coconut shrimp were also very good especially the horseradish marmalade that came with it.  For dessert we were thrilled to see the Double Layer Key Lime Pie Cheesecake!  I LOVE key lime pie and Jeff loves cheesecake so it was the perfect dessert to share and it was heavenly!  Rusty, our waiter was wonderful and made our dinner date all the more perfect.  We will be a frequent guest at the Blue Giraffe.

Crab cakes with  asian slaw and roasted garlic potatoes

Coconut shrimp with horseradish marmalade and mashed potatoes

Double layer key lime cheesecake